Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Eagles, Hawks and falcons of the City of New York

Long time since I've blogged here, been busy, but am returning to the easle to work on more art. The Red-tailed painting has been worked on more, building drama with more black feathers from the doomed crow. This and other raptors here are found in New York, and the project at hand is a book dedicated to raptors of NYC. Pale Male is still in residence in Central Park, although a number of his mates and offspring have succumbed to rat poison and have met other fates; this year alone three hawks were found dead, believed to have met their fate through poison - as yet the culprit is still at large, and autopsy reports have been neglected despite the call for them by Lincolm Karim (click here to see his site). Another lost Buteo is Violet, who was banded improperly at New York University and developed an infection due to the band. In all there are over a dozen raptors, including eagles (only migratory), falcons, a harrier, a vulture, three accipiters, and two other species of Buteo. Presently there will be postings of developing art work on this project, and/or photographs. Stay tuned!